April 14, 2022

Group Profiles

We rolled out Groups with Phase 1 of Clarity 2.0. We've since made some improvements to the experience. In your Group Profile, you can now seamlessly create sections, insert links, and reorder all sections & links to make the profile your own. You can now edit your group’s cover photo directly on the profile by clicking Edit in the top bar.

Easily create a new group from the Groups screen. You can view Groups using the More menu in the sidebar.

Fixes & Improvements

  • Remove a group cover photo. To remove your group's cover photo, enter edit mode in the Group Profile and hover over the cover photo. Click the trash button in the top right corner of the photo to remove it, and then click 'Done' to save your changes.
  • Unarchive a group. You can now easily unarchive any group by heading to the Groups screen from the sidebar.
  • Updated New Task Modal. We updated the style of the new task modal to be more compact and clean.
  • Previously, if a task or project card included many tags, they would overlap in the Kanban view. We now improved the appearance of cards in this view and tags should no longer overlap.