The actionable knowledge base for teams

Clarity combines flexible notes & project management in one place. This eliminates tedious upkeep and chaotic communication. Preserve your energy for what really matters.

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Radically new, entirely familiar

Built for the whole team

Professional tools are powerful, but are often not accessible to casual users.

Clarity is the doc & task manager you already know, with powerful new workflows for team members who can wield them.

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Create tasks without copy-paste

Docs are the best place to collaborate on project details. However, we must copy-paste to another tool to delegate, prioritize, and track progress. Shredding our source of truth.

In Clarity, you can outline a project, then turn that text into tasks and sub-projects. These action items stay in the document. They’re also added to a central task list, where you can delegate & prioritize along with your other work. 

Say goodbye to copy-paste and duplicate information.


Share ideas and research with notes

Teams thrive on shared understanding. This requires trading ideas and learnings frequently. Messages & emails are distracting and get washed away in minutes. Documents bury ideas where nobody will see them.

In Clarity, you add notes to a shared feed. Only notify the teammates you @-mention. Hashtags automatically attach notes to related pages in your knowledge base, so they don't get buried.

Comment and collaborate on notes in real-time. Jam on ideas, run meetings, and share insights.

Productive Conversation

Stay on topic & in context

Instant messages are like a tap on the shoulder. They aren't suited for thoughtful discussion, they're not attached to their context, and they get washed away in minutes.

In Clarity, conversations are always tied to a document or task. This keeps them on topic and rich with context. Responses are networked into your knowledge base automatically which incentivizes thoughtful replies, and eliminates the need to copy decisions over to your knowledge base.


Surface knowledge when you need it

When we bury knowledge in folders and files, we cannot find it when we need to. This leads to duplicate effort and uninformed decisions.

Clarity helps you rediscover what your team has learned by automatically surfacing related notes, projects, and conversations based on keywords and hashtags. Each page in your base is a keyword that automatically connects to all the places you've mentioned it. It's your own personal Wikipedia.


Stay in the loop without being overwhelmed

Notifications often cause us stress. It doesn’t help when our tools just show us a list of events to sift through.

Clarity groups notifications into threads, like an inbox. One notification per conversation. Click them to open the relevant document or task. Mark conversations as done and reach inbox zero.

New invitations sent weekly

Reserve your spot
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14-day free trial. Free up to 4 team members.


Everyone knows what's in focus right now

Create custom views to visualize work in the way that best suits your team.

Build a consistent rhythm by grouping work into cycles. They're automated, to eliminate the drudge work.

Recurring tasks ensure that repeat action items are always accounted for.


Work together in the same document

Everything you expect from document collaboration in 2021: Live text updates, comments, and suggested edits.

Share with anyone, no sign-up required.

Collaborate Across Time zones

Built by and for distributed teams

Our team has been working distributed since 2015. We spent years prototyping with teams across industries and continents. Clarity is an internet-native take on what we need to cooperate asynchronously online.

Free for Personal & Community Use

The Internet needs better tools for thought & collaboration

We believe that powerful knowledge work tools should be accessible to everyone. Individuals can work in private, and communities can work in public for free. Our team plan is also free for up to 4 teammates.