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Clarity is a collaborative document app with built-in project management. Connect your documents, projects, tasks, and notes so you can always find what you need and reuse what you already know. Produce more quality work faster.

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Radically new, entirely familiar

Clarity is designed from the ground up to be as familiar & collaborative as a Google Doc, and enables high-level thinking and tactical project management to happen in one place.

Share & Edit with Anyone on Earth

Collaborate with your team, your mom, a freelancer, or a client. Clarity lets you write, track, and publish with anyone. Built from the ground up for working together.

No signup required

Share anywhere you can share a Google Doc.

Comments & suggested edits

Solicit feedback on your work. Set different permissions per collaborator.

Real-time updates

Work in the same documents at the same time.

Build permanent knowledge through your work & research

As work is completed, knowledge is created. Documents are easily referenced forever, and tied to the work being done. This makes onboarding team members easier and provides a clear picture of your past, present, and future.

Create tasks anywhere

Easily create tasks in any document or note. Outline your work and instantly convert it into many tasks & subtasks for a project.

Craft dedicated views for every vantage point

Use kanbans, timelines, lists, and more to create the views that your team and stakeholders expect.

Always in sync

As you modify tasks, they appear in all views with matching filters. This way, everyone is up to date without the maintenance of multiple artifacts.

Eliminate knowledge silos

Knowledge is connected. Clarity automatically organizes your knowledge around key terms. See the relationship between your notes, documents, tasks, and projects.

Make new connections

Identify the key terms in your documents, and see them everywhere. Create your own network of knowledge.

Prevent duplication

Use citations to write once and reuse anywhere. Maintain a two-way connection between source and citation.

Work in context

Link tasks directly to their context. Clarity connects documents and tasks at the deepest level.

Zettelkasten ready

Perfect for networked slip-box note-taking and personal knowledge management.

Work faster than ever

Clarity feels like an extension of your brain with first-class support for keyboard shortcuts and the Clarity Command palette.

Every action at your fingertips

Use Clarity Command to take immediate action

Delegate & schedule tasks in seconds

Stop the copy-paste parade. Create tasks in your documents and add metadata in a few keystrokes.

Keyboard-driven text editing

Use shortcuts to move content around, collapse & expand outlines, and more.

Unleash the potential of what you know

We believe that your data belongs to you. Use our API and plugins to integrate your base with other tools and services.

Integrate with Slack

Connect your conversations to your work with our world class Slack integration.

Read and write data using our API

Build your own tools to read and write to Clarity, or build your own integrations for existing tools & services.

Export at any time

We’ll never lock you in. Download your data as Markdown, HTML, or PDF.

Start working with Clarity

It’s as simple as writing your next note, document, or project spec in Clarity. Identify your key terms, create tasks as needed, and let the structure emerge as a result.

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We’re here for the long haul

Clarity is many years in the making. We’re funded and moving fast. Read our story to learn more about why we’re building this and where we’re going.

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