Phase 1 of Clarity 2.0

March 11, 2022
March 11, 2022

At Clarity, we believe contributor experience is the new user experience. In Web2, products succeeded by creating the best user experience. They used a slick UX to attract and retain customers. In Web3, projects have a new stakeholder: contributors. We believe DAOs must think about CX as an intentional craft. DAOs that are the most accessible, sustainable, rewarding, and fun to participate in will attract and retain incredible contributors.

It's become clear that DAOs count on Clarity for a few key workflows:

  1. Create and share token-gated documents
  2. Manage a shared task board and easily payout bounties
  3. Grant access and abilities with token-based roles & permissions
  4. Host a community-wide wiki for important topics & resources

Their favorite part? These are all done in the same workspace. This reduces confusion, duplicate effort, and streamlines their contributor experience by replacing multiple tools with a single crypto-native solution.

Why 2.0?

Product development is about divergence and convergence. These booms & busts enable us to launch experiments and then double-down on the ones that are most helpful to our users. Clarity 2.0 makes clarity more simple, modular, and personal. This sets the stage for powerful integrations and a more accessible experience for your contributors.

Over the last few months, we've launched a series of experiments like Sign-in with Ethereum, token-gated documents, task rewards & bounty payouts, and token-based roles & permissions. These were meant to help DAOs improve the way they share information, coordinate projects, payout bounties, and create shared context. In this process, we've collaborated closely with communities to craft new features and have spoken with contributors across dozens of DAOs to better understand the new ways we can support them.

"Phase 1" is a massive update that kicks off our multi-phase release of Clarity 2.0—and it's available today! We'll be progressively rolling out Phases 2–4 over the next 4–6 weeks.

The intention of this phased roll-out is to get new solutions in your hands as soon as possible, and allow time for feedback along the way. We also expect this to be an easier transition for your communities than if we rolled all these changes out at once.

Phase 1 (Available Today)

Dramatically improve the modularity of Clarity workspaces, improve navigation, and enable a each contributor a more personalized experience with task views.

Groups. Divide your workspace into multiple sub-groups. Each group has their own home screen and notes. Contributors can view a list of all groups in your base and join/leave groups as they wish.

Reorganized Sidebar. The sidebar has an updated look & feel. We also reorganized it to reduce clutter and fully support Groups. The new "My Groups" section shows the groups you're in and the contents within. We've also added a "More" section to help clean up the clutter by hiding less frequently used screens in a menu.

Favorites. Each user will have their own "Favorites" for any documents or views they want to keep handy on their sidebar. Favorites are not visible to other members of your base—they are just for you.

Personalized Views. If you change the view settings of a task list or kanban board in your base, Clarity will remember your preference when you return to view it again. You can reset the view to its default settings at any time.

More Core Plug-ins. As we stated in our last release, we're working to make Clarity a more modular product. This way DAOs can tailor it to their needs and grow into more advanced functionality as their needs change. In this release, we moved Milestones, Initiatives, and Rewards into core plug-ins that you can turn off if they don't suit your workflow.

New Project Cards. DAOs work on many projects at once. We've updated the layout of the Roadmap screen to use cards. This allows more projects to show on the screen at once.

Unified Work View. Easily see the current projects and tasks on a single screen. If you prefer not to use this new layout, you can hide the projects section using the view settings in the top bar.

Phase 2

Update: Phase 2 is now available. It went live on March 30, 2022

Streamline token management, add support for Polygon network, and improve support for ERC-1155s.

  • Layer 2 Support. Token-gate your workspace & documents using Layer 2 tokens and NFTs. Use Layer tokens for task rewards and bounty payouts. We support the following networks: Polygon, Gnosis Chain, Arbitrum One, Avalanche, and Optimism.
  • Improved Token Management. Reuse a token across multiple token gates without pasting in the contract address each time. Search from hundreds of pre-installed tokens by name so you don't have to hunt down the contract address to use them.
  • Full ERC-1155 Support. Improve support for ERC-1155 tokens that use minimal metadata. This will also add support for Orca Protocol Pod NFTs.
  • Ethereum Testnet Support: Support for Rinkeby, Ropsten, and Goerli testnets.

Phase 3

Update: Phase 3 is now available. It went live on April 19, 2022

Add more personalization and structure to the sidebar for both individual contributors and the workspace as a whole.

  • Group Profile & Pins. Each Group has a home screen called the Group Profile. In this release we will improve the visual appearance of the Group Profile. This update will also show the items pinned to the Group Profile in the sidebar for more control over navigation in your workspace.
  • Recently Opened. At the moment, Recently Opened is available when the sidebar is in Search Mode. This update will add a shortened list of recently added documents to your main sidebar for easy access with a single click.
  • Notes Redesign. Notes are getting a serious boost. They will now be full documents with titles and a brand new screen for viewing all the notes in each group.

Phase 4

Update: Phase 4 will go live on June 7, 2022

Roll out more core functionality to Groups that are not the default group in the workspace.

  • Group Work. Each Group has its own projects and tasks. Groups can team up on projects and work towards a shared community roadmap.

Update 1: These items were not previously listed for the Phase 4 launch, but will now be included.

  • Much Faster Load Times. We've reduced the time it takes to load large bases from multiple seconds to less than one second.
  • Simplified Navigation. We've rethought every part of how you get around your base, with a focus on making it less intimidating and more accessible to new contributors.
  • Base Home Screen. Each base has a community bulletin board where you can put important documents and links for everyone to see. Organize these documents and links into collections. This is the first screen each new contributor sees when they enter your base.
  • Initiatives are now Goals. Create community-wide goals that have multiple supporting projects. This is perfect if your community uses an OKR-like goal structure.
  • New Design Language. We've refreshed the look and feel of every screen in the product. Starting from buttons, text, and colors all the way up to full page layouts.
  • Group-based Payouts. You no longer need to coordinate across groups to pay all contributors in the community. Each group within a Clarity base can now manage their payouts independently.
  • Updated Notes Layout. Each group now has its own space for notes created in Clarity.
  • Unified Search. Now there is a single search box for your workspace. Find anything with a click, or by pressing Cmd/Ctrl+P.
  • New Layout for Task & Project Details. We redesigned the layout of tasks and projects to declutter the interface. The properties now have a dedicated space in the right sidebar. We moved subtasks below the task description so they can stay expanded by default. We simplified the activity feed by grouping entries that are made by the same person within five minutes.
  • Group Activity Feed. Easily keep up with what your groups are doing by checking their activity feed. You can pin documents and links to the right sidebar for easy access within each group.
  • Updated Notes Layout. Each group now has its own space for notes created in Clarity.
  • Recently Opened. Increased from 6 to 25. Also showing in the quick search. Available at all times.
  • Simplified Task Board. We've radically simplified the kanban board interface. We've carefully removed every non-essential detail.

Update 2: The following items were previously listed for the Phase 4 launch, but have been delayed in favor of the other additions listed above. We made these decisions based on a combination of community feedback and development complexity.

  • Private & Group Views. Each user can create their own personal task views that are private to them. They can choose to share their views with the groups they have joined.
  • View Members. View a directory of the members in the entire workspace and within each group.
  • Closed Groups. Create private groups that only certain roles can join. Since Clarity roles can have token requirements, this means you can easily create token gated groups based on the roles you've already setup.

If you want to dig in further, you can check out our Public Roadmap and start conversations in our Discord if you have feedback on anything you see. We want to hear from you, so please don't hesitate to reach out.