August 23, 2022

New Navigation & Overview Screens

The Base Overview lists important links, current goals, and active groups to help new contributors find their groove in your community.

The Base Overview was already a great place to list important links and docs for your contributor community. Now it goes a step further by automatically listing your communities current goals, and active groups. This since screen can help new contributors understand what's currently in-focus for the community, find a sub-group to join, and access key resources. The best part is that it adapts automatically to what's happening in your base, no maintenance required.

Easily move around your Clarity base with the new breadcrumb menu at the top of your screen

The new breadcrumb menu is always visible at the top of your screen. This makes it easy to immediately know where you are when you drop into a Clarity base. You can quickly get back to the Base Home Screen with a click from any screen or document. We also simplified and decluttered the left sidebar.

Keep up with your group's current goals and active projects. Put important links where contributors can see them.

Whether you're a pod lead or a new contributor, it can be difficult to keep track of everything happening within a working group. The new Group Overview automatically summarizes current goals, active projects, and important links for each sub-group in your community. New contributors can easily see what's currently in-focus and gain context by reading supporting materials. Pod leads can keep tabs on the progress of all projects.

Fixes & Improvements

  • You can now filter tasks in a view based on their group