August 2, 2022

Add tables to any document

Organize information into rows and columns

You can now create tables inside your Clarity documents. When lists and outlines just don't cut it, insert a lightweight table and organize information in rows and columns. Move between cells using keyboard shortcuts. Reorder rows and columns using drag-and-drop.

Type "/table" in any document to get started.

For full details on how to get the most out of tables, see the Tables section in our How to use Clarity page.

Watch this GIF demonstrating some of the features of the table block

Fixes & Improvements

  • When viewing a task, you can now easily share a link to the task by clicking "Copy Link" in the top right
  • You can now create both projects and tasks directly inside a Goal
  • When viewing your Weekly, the URL that shows up in your browser's address bar will always link to the latest Weekly. (
  • When creating a new task, you can now add a parent and a cycle before saving the task.
  • In the Base Settings, pending guest invitations now show up in the Guests section of the Members tab.
  • Fixed a bug that opened groups in a new window instead of the split when using shift+click.
  • Fixed a bug with sharing documents that copied the wrong link when sharing a document from the split view. It would copy the link for the document in the main pane instead.
  • When creating tasks from blocks inside a project with multiple groups, you can now pick a group without leaving the keyboard.