July 8, 2022

Public Bases

For communities who build in public, allow anyone to view your workspace.

Building in the open maximizes serendipity and makes it easy for new contributors to see what's happening before officially joining your base. The best DAO contributors often follow along and help other contributors before proposing a contribution of their own. Previously contributors would need to join your base through an invite link or Join Page in order to see inside. This also required them to connect their wallet or create an account.

Now, you can make you Clarity base public. This means your roadmap, wiki, bounty boards, and notes are visible to anyone on the internet who visits your base. When sharing a document in a public base, you no longer need to turn on public access.

You can now choose between three options for your base privacy settings:

  • Public - The content of a public base is visible to anyone without joining.
  • Private - The content of the base is only visible to members. In order to join, you must be invited or meet specific token requirements. If you set token requirements, then anyone who has the right tokens can join via your base's profile.
  • Secret - The content of the base is only visible to members. The only way to join is by an explicit invite. If someone tries to visit the base's profile, it will say "Base Not Found".

These settings can be found in Base Settings > Details. They replace the Join Page plug-in.

Fixes & Improvements

  • You can now join a base directly from the Base Home Screen.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented you from setting a guest's access level before the guest accepted the invitation.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the same guest from being invited to multiple documents.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented new Wiki pages from appearing in the list immediately.
  • Fixed an issue that caused task activity to not display correctly.