Introducing the Contributions Workflow

January 21, 2022
January 21, 2022

More people want to work for DAOs than ever before. Bounties have emerged as a common way to help new contributors get involved. Bounties are pre-defined tasks that DAOs list when they need something done. Contributors can complete bounties to receive the attached reward (in tokens).

Our customers tell us that Clarity is the best place for them to coordinate the work behind these contributions, but when it's time to pay contributors they're back to spreadsheets and tedious manual work. Paying out just 50–100 bounties per month can take a core contributor multiple days. Think about that: they spend at least 10% of their time processing bounty payments each month.

Where does this time go?

Well, there's a lot to keep track of: Was the work completed? Has it been paid? Who completed it/who helped? How much do we owe each person? To what address do we send the payments?

In order to use a mass payout tool like Gnosis Safe CSV Airdrop or Gilded Mass Pay, operators must upload a CSV with the following columns:

  • Token Address - The contract ID of the token being transacted
  • Recipient - The ENS domain or ETH address of the person receiving the payment
  • Amount - The quantity of tokens to be sent to the recipient

At first glance this seems simple, but these three data points must be manually assembled into a single CSV from separate sources. (For 50–100 bounties, that's 150–300 cells!) In addition, operators must verify that the work for each bounty has been completed and approved for payment.

That's why we've been collaborating closely with Cabin DAO to come up with a solution. Today we're introducing the Contributions Workflow to dramatically improve the payout process for DAOs that manage their work in Clarity. We've created a single source of truth for both project coordination and payout information.

Add a Reward to any Task, Project, or Initiative

Attach a reward to any unit of work you manage in Clarity. We've included six preset tokens: ETH, DAI, USDC, USDT, WBTC, and WETH.

You can also add your own token in your Base Settings. You just need the contract ID and an optional icon image.

Split a Reward Amongst Multiple Contributors

You can now add multiple contributors to a project, and then split the reward amongst them. Use percentages or an exact token amount to define the split.

Clarity automatically creates separate transactions for each contributor in the CSV export.

Export CSV for Batch Payouts

Clarity automatically adds contributions to "Approved for Payment" when they have been completed & approved. Click "Export to CSV" to download a spreadsheet of all the transactions required to payout these rewards.

Contributors can already link their wallet to their Clarity profile using Sign-in with Ethereum. This means Clarity can automatically include their ETH address in the "Recipient" column of the CSV. This is a huge time saver.

Export CSV of Payments for Accounting

Once you're done processing the payments using your favorite tool, return to Clarity to mark all the contributions as paid. Clarity looks up the current token price and calculates the current USD value of each transaction. This value is included when you export your paid transactions for accounting purposes later.

Contributions Dashboard. No Setup Required.

Manage all tasks with rewards with the Contributions dashboard. When you attach a reward to any contribution, it is automatically added to the appropriate part of the workflow. Contributions move through the workflow automatically as their properties change. The Contributions dashboard is built-in and does not require any configuration in order to get started.

You can log in to give it a try now. To get started, simply add a reward to any project or task. As you update tickets, Clarity will move them through the built-in Contributions workflow.

It just works ✨